Home Education

Are you struggling to deliver the full Maths syllabus to your children?

Are you finding it hard to keep up with all the changes at GCSE level?

Do you need help with planning, delivery of lessons or assessment of how you are doing? Do you know what value your lessons are adding? How effectively is your child learning?

At Mike’s Maths we can help!

Our membership package is designed with home education in mind.

We home educate 2 of our own children. Daniel is 11 and Tanisha is 15. We understand the issues and the difficulties, and so we have come up with an offering that you can tailor to your own needs.

1. Lesson Planning

It can be difficult to keep up with current changes to the syllabus and to cover everything, especially when it comes to preparing for SATS exams or GCSE’s. Even if we don’t stick to the current maths syllabus, are we covering enough of the basics?

We can assess the level that your child is currently at (if that is what you would like us to do) and put together a Personal Yearly Plan (Scheme of Work) to help you to navigate through the next 12 months. These are not massively detailed but are designed to give you the comfort of knowing that everything is being covered and in a sensible order. You maintain complete control over how and when you use our products.

2. Delivery of Lessons

You could use your Personal Yearly Plan (Scheme of Work – SoW) and deliver relevant lessons yourselves. However, each topic in the SoW is linked to one of our video lessons, so you could elect to buy a lesson as and when you need it. Purchase one of our membership packages and benefit from a discount on all individual lessons and blocks of lessons. You also get a free worksheets with all lessons.

3. Ongoing Assessment

We can offer ongoing assessments at any time. These can be used to measure the progress of each student. See our Membership section for more details and see all the benefits of membership. It should be noted that the worksheet provided with each lesson already provides a method of assessing the understanding of each lesson.