Overseas Students

Are you overseas and following the British Education system?

Are you at school and feel that you need extra help to reach your potential?

Do you feel that you are not getting the most out of your maths lessons at school?

Do you feel the need for help to achieve your target grades at GCSE or International GCSE?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, Mike’s Maths can help!!

We are an online Maths School, perfect for overseas students studying here in England or those that are distance learning from abroad.

We offer individual lessons that can help you when you get stuck with a particular topic on key stage levels including GCSE and IGCSE. Just search using key words from the topic that you are looking for, or dive into our Key Stage Libraries to see our extensive offer of lessons.

Each lesson is individually priced, so you can buy just 1 lesson at a time. We also offer a discounted bundle of lessons on certain broader topics.

From January 2017 we will be offering an expert Exam Coaching Service. Watch our tutorials on Exam Technique, and see how to apply what you are learning to answer proper Exam questions.

Check out our free sample lessons today, and see how you can benefit from what we do here at Mike’s Maths.