Why Use Our Lessons?

  1. All our lessons are designed and delivered by Mike Chick. As the ex Head of Maths at St. Wilfrid’s School in Exeter, he has lots of classroom and lesson planning experience. This means that he is completely up to date with all changes to the maths curriculum for all the Key Stages up to and including the new GCSE/IGCSE 9-1 syllabus.  This is a major advantage.
  2. Mike has 9 years of teaching experience. He has taught in mainstream schools and has been a private tutor having built up his own network of clients in the Exeter area. Mike also has experience of Homeschooling. The testimonials from both pupils and parents speak for themselves.
  3. Every effort is made to engage the learner in each lesson, using skills learned in the classroom.
  4. When you buy a lesson, we send you the link as a URL. This takes you directly to YouTube where you can instantly watch the video. This means that there is no added complication with account numbers and logins that some sites require. As you can access YouTube, you can easily watch the lessons, wherever you are and on whatever device you use.
  5. An added advantage of using YouTube is that there is no need to download our videos on to your hard drive. You simply stream them from YouTube. You can also pause, fast forward or rewind so that you can set the learning pace.

We believe that this approach is the future of learning.  In a classroom of 20 pupils for example, a pupil can easily miss a point.  Unless they instantly ask the teacher to go over it again, the point is lost.  This can seriously affect the rest of the lesson for that pupil.  With our lessons, if you miss a point, you can simply replay it, over and over.  This will maximise your chances of learning, as you are in control.  You take control, and you set the pace.